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Work from home exercises

Get Fit at your Work Desk - 10 Exercises to get you Moving

We have a piece of news - Sitting all day at your desk is not good for you. This sedentary behaviour is directly correlated to poor health, increasing risks of heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. That said, the unfortunate reality is that a lot of us do not have the luxury of spending time away from our work desk. 

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mandi the zebra interview

5 minutes with Mandi (the Zebra)

As part of our Empower series, we sit down with inspiring women who have supported our brand since it's inception, and find out what makes them tick.

Mandi (IG: @mandithezebra) is an ex-cabin crew turned Fitness Instructor. She juggles her time between modelling, her fitness work and social media; find out how she got started on the fitness journey, and what she thinks about a penguin in her fridge.

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fit woman one hand push up

5 Ways to Build a Fitness Habit

Why are some things so hard to start, while others are so hard to stop? Case in point - Can’t start exercising, but can’t stop snacking! The one word answer is “Habit”. Forming a habit takes time, discipline, perseverance… and these 5 steps. 

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