No Excuses - Fitting Exercises into your Busy Schedule

Of all the reasons people give for not working out, the most commonly cited has to be a lack of time. That’s completely reasonable, given the ever-demands of our adult life. Any moment you have for yourself is going to seem too precious to spend in the gym. Netflix, am I right?

That said, exercise is too important to leave out of our daily routine. Even 20 mins a day has been shown to greatly improve your mental well-being. Once you get down and start planning, you might have more time than you think. Here’s a few tips to prove exactly that. 

Early Bird Gets the Worm

We all know the moment we get started on work, it’s impossible to unplug till well after work hours. Instead, one of the easiest ways to find some extra time in your day is to wake up earlier. Just 20-30 mins earlier will make a huge difference to your day. Getting up and sweaty in the morning also ensures that life won’t throw you some curveballs and disrupt that workout you had planned for. Best part? Exercise wakes you up, and gives you that boost you need to kickstart your day in the best way possible. 

Something is better than nothing

You don’t need to commit 60 mins - or even 30 - for a complete, effective workout. Any bit of exercise is always going to be better than none. Consider a high intensity interval training, and focus on effectiveness over endurance. Just 15 mins a day can make a difference! As long as your workout is effective, and you do it often enough, consistently enough, it will do wonders for both body and mind. Squeeze in some fitness time whenever you can, wherever you are. Just make sure you’re dressed appropriately

Run or Cycle to Work

Another time in your day that you can convert into meaningful movement will be your morning commute. Instead of driving, or squeezing with everyone in the public transport, consider walking or biking to work instead. Start small by just getting off a stop or two earlier than your destination, and walk the rest of the way. If you really can’t do this, try opting for stairs instead of taking the elevator or lifts. Every moment you spend moving is an effort that your body will appreciate. 

Make it a Date

Fitness Buddy

It’s always easier to motivate yourself when you have someone by your side. Be it your best friend or a partner, or even your sibling, turning your sessions into a date can be an excellent source of motivation. When you make plans to train with someone, you are also less likely to bail out. Make it more fun by injecting a little competition into both your schedules. One of the most fun I had was a daily steps challenge I did with my colleagues!

Once you accept that exercise is a need and not a want, you will find time for it. You will find time no matter what for your favourite Netflix series, right? Just promise yourself to get started, and the changes you start noticing in yourself will carry you through. 

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