My Whakamana Journey in the Fashion Industry  (PART 1)

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Part 1: The Idea

I guess you can preface this post by saying I’m a shopaholic. My cupboard will give you a shock (my partner’s words, not mine). I’ve always enjoyed shopping from a young age - who doesn’t? To be precise, I enjoy dolling myself up, and experimenting with styles not commonly seen on the streets. 

Messy cupboard too many clothes

When I found a new passion in fitness almost a decade ago, I had to give up a lot of that. I found myself choosing between fashion or functionality. That or a massive bag to bring 2 different sets of outfits. It was so much of a hassle that I eventually stopped dressing up. See me on the streets, and I’ll be in activewear 80% of the time. 

It definitely helps that they are so comfortable. However, I was faced with another dilemma when I entered the workforce. How am I going to squeeze in my afternoon session at the gym without dusting off that afore-mentioned huge bag? 

Bethia in Activewear sporty model

This all came to fore one weekend. It was one of the special days, and my partner has planned something amazing and classy. I can tell from his barely containable glee. I knew I had to dress nice, but I also have that really popular box-fit class booked in. How do I make this work? 

Me: “How ar? I wish my gym clothes are nice enough for the restaurant.” 

Him: “Make one lor.”

And so it begins. 

It struck me that I have been searching for such clothes for so long, without much success. I have caught myself thinking about how to convert a piece of workwear into something comfortable enough for the gym and vice versa many times before. I could just make that a reality! That day, I ended up missing that class, and I was busy ideating the dream functionalities and cuts I love:

  • Stretchable
  • Comfortable 
  • Supportive at the right areas (inner bra support, sewn-in shorts)
  • Looks suitable for both working out, and strutting about
  • Moisture-wicking and quick dry

I was excited. It all sounded so easy. Why hasn’t anyone done it before? I was about to find out…

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