My Whakamana Journey in the Fashion Industry [Part 2]

Sewing classes

Part 2 - To Sew or not to Sew

It was daunting getting started in an industry I had zero experience in. Where do I even begin? This was probably the hardest phase of starting any business, as the inertia to get started can easily kill your whole idea. So I decided to hold myself accountable.  

I never studied fashion so I thought that it would be good to learn the basics, and to appreciate what goes behind an outfit. In the spirit of keeping myself accountable, I took up a sewing course. Now if you know me, this was way out of my comfort zone, as I don’t think I’ve picked up a needle since Home Econs class in grade school. It got embarrassing when I realised everyone else in class had some form of sewing experience.


The course was a 12 weeks programme, that would end with our very own hand-sewn dress. The first class started all right. Sure, I got the measurements wrong a couple of times cause I measured in inches instead of centimeters - who hasn’t made the same mistake before, am I right? Right?? I struggled with the many rulers I now own, many of them in shapes I never even knew existed. Looking back, I think my dress was doomed from the start, because of all the crooked lines. 

True enough, my dress was way too tight at the hems, and I can’t zip it up fully. But hey, It would have fit a smaller version of me! Don’t get me wrong, this was a wonderful experience, and the folks at Fashion Makerspace really did their best to guide me every step of the way. I finished 12 weeks with an important lesson - I am not a seamstress. 

Finished Dress EditMy finished dress

The concepts behind making a dress did give me tons of inspiration for my own designs. And these 12 weeks showed me how resilient and resourceful I can be, which I am going to need in huge abundance as my story goes on. And thus began the next phase of my journey, to make my ideas a reality. 


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